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Working across the UK and the EU, we are a team of Chartered and Certified Associates. With particular expertise in Transport Fleet and Energy Management, each with over 14 years experience. We deliver energy saving technologies, measures and controls to commercial and public buildings (factories, production, warehousing, airports, education, labs, retail, offices) and operational processes.

We are the specialists that the energy experts turn to for transport fleet solutions and conservation measures; as well as energy management and cost saving solutions.

Chartered (CMILT) with wide ranging fleet and logistics experience, we specialise in delivering significant savings across HGV freight, logistics, marine shipping and airlines as well as with car, commercial, alternative and low carbon fleets.

Our energy management knowledge and experience allows us to consider the wider synergies between electric and alternative fuel vehicles, vehicle charging, fuelling and energy storage infrastructure and capacity . See our Double-Lock Money-Back Guarantee.

From this, we can propose the most appropriate solution to your specific needs and situation.


About Alan Asbury

Louise Kingham OBE and CEO of the Energy Institute, speaks about Alan Asbury (FEI) and his role in the Energy Industry

The Energy Institute (EI), London; is the globally recognised authority on Energy and Fuel Management; the world’s only energy Charter provider.

Here Louise talks about Alan Asbury FEI, CMILT, Director of CLS Energy;

  • His role in the Energy Industry;
  • Being one of only 11 Chartered Fellows (FEI) that are ESOS Lead Assessors;
  • And one of only 6 such world specialists in fleet assessments.

Our Services

Our Customer Base

If Carbon (CO2e) Management is your aim, we can address this in its entirety. Operating as an experienced and qualified group of specialist and chartered and certified associate professionals, we provide expertise across commercial, public and private built estates; Offering specialist advice on renewable and low carbon energy generation.

As Chartered Fleet Managers (CMILT), we offer expertise in fleet and logistics and conduct assessment and forensic data analysis of HGV, marine shipping and airline data alongside car, commercial, alternative and low carbon fleets.

As independent consultants, we demonstrate significant savings across HGV and marine shipping, to aircraft fleets, light commercial and grey fleet.

Understanding the linkages between energy generation, capacity and storage, we assist organisations with the appropriate implementation of low carbon vehicle technologies.

We can assist you to get to grips with Carbon Management Plans (CMPs), SECR, SBTi, ESG, Net Carbon Zero or Carbon Neutrality.

See some of our customer testimonials and case studies.

“Compliance with ESOS through CLS Energy helped us identify areas to save energy with a cost saving opportunity of £69,000”.

NIVEA Beiersdorf
“It is no exaggeration to write that Alan has made significant contributions to the development of public energy strategy for hundreds of thousands of people as a result”.

Hastings Borough Council
“After conducting comprehensive audits, he has demonstrated savings to our buildings and fleet amounting to £80,600 or more than 27% of our energy and fuel spend. We have been delighted with the recommendations and work conducted”.

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