CLS – Chartered Energy and Fleet

Established in March 2014, CLS Energy work with organisations to reduce their energy and fuel use, decrease their costs, reduce greenhouse gas (CO2e) emissions and improve their triple bottom line.

On average, each customer has saved around 18% of their energy and fuel costs; Equating to an average 3.5% uplift on their annual profits. Customers include Nivea, Uniserve, Hallmark, Titan Airways, Oxford Airport, Freightroute, Headlam Group, Gregory, Epwin Group, GAP, Qatar Airlines and Regatta.

CLS Energy are a chartered and specialist energy and fleet transport consultancy service. We work with both commercial and public sector customers.

As a team of experienced and specialist energy and fleet associates working across the UK and 26 EU member states; All our assessors are Certified and/or Chartered Energy and/or Fleet Managers. Each having worked in their sector for over 14 years.              Meet the Team



Alan Asbury

Company Director, Alan Asbury (FEI) is a Chartered Energy Manager, Chartered Fleet Manager (CMILT), Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv), and Chartered  Resource and Wastes Manager (CRWM), with an MSc in Environmental Management from the University of  Nottingham. Alan has just taken our ESOS Customers through full compliance and saved them a total of £29.4m with greenhouse gas emissions reductions of 19,598,350kg CO2e.

Alan was trained by the Energy Institute to its highest  level; European (now Advanced) Energy  Manager (EurEM) AEM in 2010, and has been a full  member of the Institute (MEI) until Sep 2018 when he  was elected to its highest Fellowship (FEI) grade.

Alan achieved Certified Measurement and Verification Professional – CMVP® (IPMVP) status in 2014, (renewing in 2017) with the UK Association of Energy Engineers (UKAEE). This allows for guaranteed savings to be demonstrated as required using IPMVP global industry standard software.

One of the UKs first 20 ESOS Lead Assessor with the Energy Institute since October 2014, he is personally qualified to provide and oversee mandatory four-yearly energy and fleet assessments for large companies across four EU member states.

Alan has more than 14 years of experience in assessing buildings and processes for energy reduction measures, controls and solutions. He is also a chartered and specialist fleet assessor and delivers significant savings across light commercial and grey fleet, through HGV and marine vessels to aircraft fleets.

Alan conducts investment grade energy assessments, audits and presentations to commercial companies; He lectures on Sustainability, Climate Change and Environmental Impact Assessment at the Universities of Greenwich and Middlesex to MSc students and is a qualified trainer for CLS Energy.

He was awarded National Sustainability Manager of the Year in Dec 2012, and won the Energy Savings Trust’s Fleet Hero (Silver) Award in Nov 2015.

Associate and Practitioner of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment since 2000, and recently elected to Fellowship (FIEMA), he is a member of the Freight Transport Association (FTA) (now Logistics UK) and the Institute of Car Fleet Managers (ICFM). Alan is an active member of the European Energy Efficiency Network.


Conor Molloy

Conor Molloy provides specialist fleet and energy advice. He has an MSc in Energy Management and Renewable Energy from the University of Ulster.

​Conor is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and Certified  Measurement & Verification Professional – CMVP® (IPMVP), with the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), as well as a trainer for ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS).

In recent times, he has trained well over 100 ESOS Lead Assessors in Transport Energy Auditing, led on the publication of EN 16247-4; Europe’s transport energy audit standard and contributed to ISO 50004.

Since 2005, Conor has been helping businesses to save fuel and manage their energy usage for profit and reduced emissions.

​Conor is a full member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), Freight Transport Association, Ireland (FTAI), Institute of Management Consultants and Advisors (IMCA) and the Efficiency Valuation Organisation (EVO).  Conor is a registered ESOS Lead Assessor in the UK and a registered Energy Auditor – Environmental Assessment Scheme (EAS) in Southern Ireland, (Eire). In 2014, he was elected Chair of the EU Transport Energy Management Working Group. Conor is also an active member of the European Energy Efficiency Network.

Conor has helped some of the biggest names in freight transport to achieve significant fuel, cost and carbon savings. It is no exaggeration to state that he is an authority on fleet related issues.


James Hoare

James Hoare, FEI, FIET, Chartered Energy Engineer; CEng (with the Energy Institute), provides specialist renewable energy generation and electrical engineering expertise for CLS Energy.

James is an experienced and qualified professional engineer with 30 years Engineering, Innovation/Product Development, Commercial, Marketing, Sales / Business Development and Managerial experience in the Energy industry, with business start-ups through to large Utility/Manufacturing/Consulting and Construction Organisations. He was trained by the Energy Institute to its highest level Advanced Energy  Manager (AEM).

He is an ESOS Lead Assessor and a respected specialist in Renewable Energy generation technologies, with a wealth of experience in Solar Photovoltaic (PV), Solar Thermal, large and small scale Wind Turbine technologies, as well as Hydro, Energy from Waste (EfW), Biomass (Heat and Electricity) and Heat Pump installations and in “off grid” Energy Storage Systems.

He is a specialist in systems verification and validation testing, thermographic investigation, fault investigation and grid connection for distributed generation.

​Other experience includes conventional power generation, transmission and distribution, network automation, SCADA/EMS/Telecoms and Traction Power Supplies (AC and DC), Substation / Overhead Line / Underground Cabling design/construction LV11/25/66/132/275/400 kV.

James is a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) compliant and qualified drone pilot. He has demonstrated capability to the CAA of operating safely in UK Airspace and holds Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) with 20 metre exemptions.


Richard Elton

Richard Elton provides formal energy assessments for CLS Energy Ltd. He is a qualified and practising Energy Assessor and Green Deal Advisor, trained to deliver Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) and can provide bespoke advice to the achievement of required DEC and EPC levels as required.

With over 10 years of energy assessment experience, he has personally trained well over 1,000 individuals in various aspects of building assessment and software reporting.

Richard is qualified to conduct Non-Domestic (Commercial) and Domestic (Residential) EPCs to levels 3 and 4, SBEM Calculations, Air Conditioning Assessments to level 4, and Display Energy Certificates (DECs) as well as Domestic On Construction Energy Assessments to level 3.

Richard has a level 4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment, Processes and Practices. A pragmatic and valued member of the team. He has a comprehensive knowledge of current Building Regulations. Richard is certified to DEA, NDEA, DEC, ACEA, DGDA, NDGDA, DOCEA.


Name Surname

Working with CLS Energy since 2019, Peter Hey is the most recent addition to our team.

Peter has been involved in Fluid Handling for nearly 30 years. He is experienced in Centrifugal Separation and De-watering using High Speed Separators and Decanters.

However, the majority of his expertise is within the Hydro Pumping Industry. This includes Water Boosters, Foul and Storm Water Pump Stations including Adoptable Stations, Rain Water Harvesting along with control equipment for pumping systems.

His expertise in the design, sizing and development of rainwater harvesting technologies, pumping systems, dosing and treatment as well as waste water treatment have been proving invaluable to many of our customers on their journey towards zero carbon.

Peter is also highly experienced in dealing with water retention and water saving technologies.