£13,303,355 saved for just five of our HGV freight haulage customers.

On a combined fleet of 2,526 HGVs, that equates to 3,707,727kg of CO2eq (greenhouse gases) reduced. The basket of gases contributing to climate change.

This is an average fuel saving of £5,267 per vehicle with most paybacks under 9 months and none greater than 18 months.

There are only 6 Chartered Fellows of the Energy Institute also registered as Fleet Specialists for ESOS compliance. If your business energy use is more an 40% fleet, we’d like to speak with you.

Fleet qualifications are not demanded of most ESOS registers. Where fleet represents a company’s Significant Energy User (SEU), the appointed assessor should specialise in fleet. Otherwise, the assessment may not be compliant and may result in meaningless recommendations.

A Chartered Fellow of the Energy Institute (FEI) Alan is also one of only six such people registered with the Energy Institute to conduct fleet assessments.

Savings delivered to our HGV customers range from 8.4% to over 25.5% of total fuel spend (with up to 47% cost saving on car fleets). Our freight clients include the UK’s largest independent haulier. We  work with three separate commercial airlines, some of the UK’s largest distribution and logistics companies, heavy haulage, marine, rail, commercial vehicles, company and lease car fleets. What do we do?

We also make recommendations for electric, hydrogen (H2), HVO and CNG and hybrid cars, vans and motorcycles demonstrating return on investments (ROIs) typically under 18 months.

See our Double Lock Guarantee below

CLS Energy deliver comprehensive and evidence based assessments of the operational fleet. This includes: usage, appropriate aerodynamics, modal assessments, maintenance regimes, mapping, forensic analysis of telematic data, implementation of novel and proven technologies, adjustments and control of existing technologies.

Recognising that transport managers are often too busy to research and assess new technologies, we offer independent and specialist advice, working with fleet managers to demonstrate bespoke and meaningful cash-able savings.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you towards significant financial savings.

    Our Double Lock (Money Back) Guarantee

    All fleets are different; Solutions won’t all relate to every vehicle type; there will always be more opportunities for larger (articulated and rigid) vehicles. We typically deliver savings opportunities many times in excess of our fees (in one haulier case, 91 times). By providing us with all your fleet data, we can better understand your fleet.

    As our commitment to you, following receipt and profiling of this data and provision of a costed fleet proposal (no charge), if we fail to:

    • Deliver recommendations that provide savings of at least the cost of our proposal
    • Demonstrate at least 8% cost savings recommendations for you

    We will reimburse our fee to you in full and provide your report to you at no charge. Quote “CLSfree8” to take advantage of this offer.

    We run a variety of trials. We are currently operating CNG (alternative fuel) trails with two of our heavy fleet customers to assess the claims of the vehicle manufacturers.

    These at no cost. We would love to discuss working with you in the future and of course will look out for such trials that meet the needs of your fleet.