Over £2.2m saved for our HGV haulier clients over 12 months.

Savings delivered to our HGV customers range from 8.4% to over 25% of total fuel spend. Our freight clients include the UK’s largest independent haulier. We have worked with three separate commercial airlines, several distribution and logistics companies, heavy haulage, commercial vehicles, company and lease car fleets. We also make recommendations for electric, hydrogen and hybrid cars, vans and motorcycles demonstrating return on investments (ROIs) typically under 18 months.

CLS Energy work with logistics and haulage organisations as well as shipping and airlines to deliver significant savings. We do this through comprehensive assessment of fleet usage, forensic analysis of telematic data, implementation of novel technologies and adjustments and control of existing technologies.

Recognising that fleet managers are often too busy to research new technologies, we offer an independent and specialist resource to demonstrate savings within the fleet and work with fleet managers to deliver bespoke and meaningful fuel and cost savings.

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