Agricultural Fleet and Energy Assessment “…The results were outstanding;”

Having recently completed a delayed ESOS Phase 2 assessment for Clock House Farm, we were thrilled to receive this from them earlier today:

“Clock House Farm recently undertook the ESOS Phase 2 process;

Step 1 was the identification of a Lead Auditor who was familiar with the dynamic and complicated agricultural environment.

We approached Alan Asbury and CLS Energy Ltd on recommendation, we were not disappointed! 

Alan was immediately able to achieve management “Buy in”, clearly outlining the audit process and the potential benefits which it could generate.

His hands-on approach enabled the company to understand the requirement and quickly compile the necessary data required to deliver the audit.

It was clear from the outset that his depth of knowledge was extraordinary, able to quickly identify how our existing processes and procedures could be improved immediately.

The results were outstanding; a clear and concise report which outlined the company’s energy use and options and alternatives available to the business to improve our overall consumption, whilst striving to reduce our Carbon Footprint.

I would unreservedly recommend Alan and CLS to any business, specifically likeminded farm operations, as he has clearly embraced the challenges of our industry and delivered some unique energy initiatives”.

P.F. H&SE Manager Clock House Farm 19th January 2021