The Energy Efficiency Directive (27/EU/2012)

ESOS applies to all large organisations across the 28 European (EU) members states (and will continue to include the UK beyond Brexit). A large company in the UK is defined as having 250 or more employees or has an annual turnover of €50m and a balance sheet of €43m.

CLS Energy conducted over 20 compliant ESOS Audits for Phase 1 across four-member states with eight of these customers already contracting us to conduct their ESOS Phase 2. Deadline for compliance and notification of Phase 2 completion is 5th December 2019.

There are companies that may have recently achieved these employee numbers or financial targets. As new entrants, they may not be required to conduct ESOS for Phase 2.

Contact us for a confidential and no obligation discussion and advice on how we can assist you to establish this, and if mandated, deliver compliance alongside some significant efficiency, financial and carbon savings.