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Read how CLS Energy and our partners Comply Direct helped leading global skin care company Beiersdorf, become fully compliant with the new ESOS legislation and turn a legislative requirement in to a real opportunity to make savings.

The Challenge

Around 10,000 UK organisations were expected to be required to comply with ESOS in 2015. The Environment Agency confirmed that around 40% of these 10,000 businesses expected to be obligated were non-compliant at the extended 29 January 2016 deadline. Beiersdorf Nivea UK Ltd were not one of these. Beiersdorf are one of the world’s largest skincare companies with household name brands such as Nivea and Elastoplast. Beiersdorf were made aware of the UK Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) through direct contact with our Carbon and Sustainability colleagues who worked with Beiersdorf representatives to establish their requirements to comply with ESOS in the UK and the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) in Northern Europe. With an established level of trust, Beiersdorf outsourced all responsibility to our Carbon and Sustainability Team Project managed by James Dobing, Senior Environmental Analyst at Comply Direct and overseen and lead assessed by Alan Asbury, Chartered Energy and Fleet Manager and Lead Assessor, to gather the necessary data, conduct an ESOS compliant audit and produce a comprehensive energy efficiency opportunities report.

The Solution

CLS Energy and Comply Direct helped Beiersdorf turn a legislative requirement into a real opportunity to make significant savings.

  • Audits were completed – Onsite auditing was carried out at the company’s two major UK sites
  • ESOS evidence pack was completed – Data was compiled, opportunities researched and solutions assessed to produce a comprehensive package of measures containing total energy usage onsite alongside transport assessments, advising best practice where appropriate
  • Supported their compliance notification to the EA – We provided assistance in completing the final Environment Agency submission, providing key details required for the notification and details of the Lead Assessor to ease the notification process
  • How many opportunities found? – 14.2% of savings on total energy consumption, which if implemented would likely save 590,000 kWh per year – an annual cost saving of £69,000 resulting in a payback period of approximately five years
  • Assisted Beiersdorf with European EED (ESOS equivalent) compliance: We conducted on-site reviews and provided full support with the whole compliance process in Sweden and Denmark, ensuring the company’s implementation of ESOS in Northern Europe and assuring Beiersdorf that they had complied fully. Delivered 14.9% savings against energy and fuel costs for the entire Denmark operation; this despite all heating and cooling provided by very efficient District Heat Networks.


Beiersdorf continue their ‘We care’ sustainability strategy, and are fully compliant with the ESOS Regulations, ensuring they support their business goals whilst continuously reducing their environmental footprint. They have realised the potential to implement a number of improvements that would achieve significant energy reductions and cost savings as a direct result of utilising Comply Direct and CLS Energy to conduct the ESOS Assessment process.



Beiersdorf Nivea say:

“Comply Direct were efficient in organising all the audits we needed and CLS Energy have helped us identify areas to save energy that had not previously been considered by the business, enabling us to continue focusing on improving the energy efficiency of our business activities. We have made energy efficiency an integral part of our regional supply chain road maps and defined concrete actions, such as installing co-generation systems and optimizing cleaning processes for all our European production sites. Our 34% CO2 reduction at our global production sites confirm that we are making good progress in this area. We also increased our use of renewable energy and pledged to extend this commitment. As of 2016, all German production and office sites will be run entirely using renewable energy – this represents nearly 20% of our production and 50% of our office sites worldwide. We have upgraded our targets for our new production centre in Mexico. We are aiming for LEED platinum – (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) one of the highest environmental certifications available for buildings. Compliance with ESOS through Comply Direct and CLS Energy allows us to drive improvements in our UK operations to complement our sustainability achievements globally.”



Alan Asbury; ESOS Lead Assessor for this project, and CLS Energy Director says:

“Beiersdorf are an exceptionally well managed organisation with a positive ethos towards the environment. They have already enacted many technological and design solutions but are continually striving to do more. It has been a very fulfilling and positive experience working for such a progressive organisation.”



Phil Price. Beiersdorf (UK) Plc

Beiersdorf are a major multi national with head office in Hamburg, Germany and sites across Western Europe and Scandinavia. Manufactured brands include household names such as Nivea and Elastoplast.  Beiersdorf (UK) have large logistics and warehousing in and around Birmingham. They also operate a large commercial fleet operation.


​Alan Asbury of CLS Energy Ltd carried out all of Beiersdorf’s ESOS Assessments for their UK and Nordic operations.

25th January 2016

CLS Energy have since gone on to conduct Energy Efficiency Directive (ESOS) compliant assessments for Beiersdorf (Nivea) in Sweden and Denmark and are currently conducting ESOS phase 2 audits in Goteborg, Sweden. Alan Asbury remains registered and qualified to conduct EED (ESOS) Energy and Fleet Assessments in the Nordic EU member states.

29th March 2021

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