Hy-Ten – Case Study

Hy-Ten is a major fabricator of concrete reinforcement bar (steel rebar) and mesh.

They have a nationwide network of manufacturing centres that provide innovative, rapid and cost-effective services to construction and civil engineering sectors across the UK, Eire and the rest of the world.

Captured by ESOS Ph 2, they needed an Assessor that understood both factory and fleet operations.  As a steel fabricator, 51% of their total energy was electricity with 46% fleet.

“Alan Asbury, Director of CLS Energy assessed operational processes, logged equipment and profiled the fleet. He demonstrated 36.08% of savings as well as several renewable energy opportunities”. V.P. Hy-Ten

Hy-Ten went on to say:

“Alan Asbury was very diligent in his auditing practices and presented an in-depth report to the Board highlighting easy wins which could achieve immediate savings as well as strategic actions Hy-Ten could consider to maximise energy efficiencies which contribute to the triple bottom line”. V.P. Hy-Ten

Case Study