With gas, electricity and fuel prices at an all time high, there has never been a better time to address your energy efficiency and conservation.

CLS Energy provide training across a wealth of different areas:

These include:

Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Environmental Assessment Tools, Energy Efficiency, Transport Opportunities, Carbon (CO2e) Reduction and Management, Life Cycle Assessment:

Feedback from events hosted for CLS, to organisations including Zurich Insurance, Greenwich University, and Middlesex University have included:

“Great update – both terrifying and brilliantly informative at the same time”.

“It would be great if you could invite me to any future webinars on these subjects”.

“Thank you Alan – it was really informative”.

“I learnt a lot and I loved the tips”.

“Thank you for the very interesting and informative presentation”.

“Information on what I can do to reduce my impact on the environment”.

“Thanks for the session. Very interesting”.

“Thank you, really interesting”.

“Good tips and a better understanding of sustainable/cheaper energy”.


…and specific to Home related energy efficiency advice sessions:

“It was useful to learn more about small changes that can be made to save money and be more efficient in the house”

“As we are already part way down a path of updating our home with sustainable technology it was useful to see what else could be done…”.

“Interesting to understand the consultation part and what they have to offer, especially as a full-time homeworker”.

“Great insight into how to ensure your house can be improved to combat keeping it warm (economically)”.

“The various methods of preserving energy day to day as well as the sustainable options spoken about going forward for a more stable and sustainable energy source.  I cannot say anything spoken about I did not find useful”.

“I think I understand the theory and the areas to consider with solar panels, so the next step of translating that into practice for my home would be important”.

Get in contact if you’d like to discuss how we can assist your workforce to a better understanding of energy and practical routes to reducing it.