Hallmark (UK) Ltd


Following comprehensive site assessments and data analysis, CLS Energy recommended savings to Hallmark UK of over £556,000, amounting to just over 22% of total energy and fleet consumption and with paybacks of under 3 years.


CLS Energy have since been reappointed alongside Comply Direct to conduct the ESOS Phase 2 process for Hallmark.

Quote from Hallmark:

Comply Direct and CLS Energy guided us through the requirements of our ESOS submission
and it gave us greater confidence and understanding that we could meet our
legislative requirements. We found the process to be structured and informative;
and the after support in investigating areas of opportunity identified through the
ESOS process has been greatly appreciated.

K.W. Hallmark (UK) Ltd

Hallmark (UK) is parented by the US Multi-National Company that operate six businesses including Crayola in 100 countries and over 100,000 rooftops. In the UK, they operate large scale factories, logistics and distribution, offices and stores along with the largest (when constructed) warehouse in Europe. They also operate their own HGV fleet. Alan Asbury of CLS Energy Ltd (working alongside client liaison partners, Comply Direct) delivered ESOS compliance against their entire UK operation. Hallmark have since enacted all bar one of the recommendations set out by CLS Energy Ltd.


Alan Asbury, Director of CLS Energy Ltd has carried out all of Hallmark’s ESOS Phase 1 and is carrying out all Phase 2 Assessments across their entire UK operation.

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