A Testimonial from Freightroute “…well informed on energy management and future trends…”

“Working with Alan Asbury of CLS Energy Ltd we recently completed the ESOS 2 audit process as required by the Environment Agency. From the outset, Alan helped to make the process more enjoyable and therefore meaningful and informative for Freightroute Limited.

With the support of CLS, we were able to quickly identify and assemble the required information and supporting documentation. More importantly, displaying tremendous knowledge and understanding of the HGV transport sector, CLS produced a detailed report for the Directors which formed the basis for meaningful discussion and future development as we work to reduce our carbon footprint.

As we assess engineering options and plot our way through the alternative fuel debate and options, I feel sure we will be utilising the support of Alan Asbury and CLS Energy Ltd”.

M.H. Director, Freightroute Limited.

October 2019


Alan Asbury and CLS Energy Ltd

“Energy management is key to our future success and the development of energy policy is even more important in this fast changing world. We face some major energy challenges over the next five years and technology is developing rapidly – informed decision making will be vital.

This is why we are working with Alan Asbury and CLS Energy. Alan is well informed on energy management and future trends – always able to provide sound advice and direction which is both relevant and practical.

A truly flexible approach to management and the subject of energy management; Alans input is always appreciated and valued as we work to develop our options and respond to change”.

M.H. Director, Freightroute Limited

November 2020