How do I reduce transport costs?

Transport costs can be affected by such aspects as:

  • The cost of fuel per litre
  • Miles driven
  • Efficiency of the vehicle
  • Driver efficiency
  • Road and weather conditions
  • Loads
  • Routes
  • Aerodynamics

Clearly all fleets are different and may comprise:

  • Cars
  • Commercial vans
  • Rigid or Articulated Lorries
  • Bikes and scooters
  • Marine and aircraft

To address fleet, it is important to start with good data. At the very least, fuel pumped and regular odometer readings. From this an understanding of comparative MPG can be formed.

It is important to assess the fleet objectively and look for areas where savings are achievable. These will not simply lie in driver behaviours and reducing material weight carried, they will lie within maintenance regimes, aerodynamics, bolt on technologies, engine tuning solutions, transport requirements and usage, opportunities for change. Where telematics are available, they should be forensically assessed.

Only by looking at a fleet objectively and holistically can it be addressed comprehensively. By attempting to tackle fleet piecemeal, opportunities will be missed or lost altogether.

A transport fleet may consist of a mix of:

  • Owned vehicles
  • Leased vehicles
  • Grey (mileage reclaim) fleet
  • Pool cars
  • Car share
  • Chartered vehicles

These are likely to have different methods of management and operation and cannot be considered standalone.

It is important to consider the relevant stakeholders, the value at stake, company policies and travel hierarchy when addressing fleet because only by doing this can all potential savings opportunities will be highlighted and addressed.

Get in contact to find out more or send us a recent sample (minimum 1-3 month of data and/or telematics) and we’ll assess it for free and advise what level of cashable savings are potentially available to you. Fleet assessment is a specialised subject and should not be conducted by anyone without the relevant experience and qualifications.

If you’re mandated to comply with ESOS Phase 2 and fleet is a reasonable component of your operations, get in contact. CLS Energy are the company that other ESOS Lead Assessors come to for delivery of fleet compliance and savings.

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