Aylesbury Council saves over £100,000 per year (over 45%) by managing its grey fleet

Grey fleet is an important but neglected aspect of fleet management.

 Grey Fleet Data: Miles per year Cost per year
Public Sector 1,500,000,000 (1.5bn) £786,000,000 (£786mn)
Private Sector 11,000,000,000 (11bn) £5,000,000,000 (£5bn)

Source: Getting to Grips with Grey Fleet, BVRLA, July 2016

In 2013, Alan Asbury set about taking control of Aylesbury Council’s private car (mileage reimbursement) ‘grey fleet’ that was costing Aylesbury Council £220,000 per year.

After much research, usage assessment, procurement , negotiation and funding sought, Alan was able to deliver a car-pool scheme with Enterprise Rent A Car that saved the council over £104,000 per year.

The scheme was the first of its kind in the UK to utilise electric vehicles (EVs) alongside rapid EV chargers.

Apart from the financial savings, further benefits of the scheme included:

  • Control over fleet and risk
  • Reduced congestion
  • Reduction in CO2e emissions by more than 60%

All Council employees are now required to use the Car-Pool vehicles rather than their own cars for work journeys.

Portfolio Holder and Council Cabinet Member for Environment and Health, Sir Beville Stanier, said:

“We are committed to finding more environmentally sustainable ways of doing business and daily business travel is part of that. Our new car-pool scheme will help cut down emissions of carbon dioxide and reduce costs of staff travel. We also now have better control over employee journeys and can monitor where vehicles are”.

Oz Choudhri, Head of Public Sector at Enterprise said:

“The project was single-handedly scoped, initiated and negotiated with senior management, members, unions, employee reps, HR and Payroll and stakeholders by Alan Asbury”.

“Were it not for the tenacity, vision and willpower of Alan to lead on this project and see it through to commission, operation and oversight, I am unconvinced that it would have been implemented or indeed, be as successful as it clearly is”.

“We would recommend Alan without reservation as someone that understands energy and fleet and the negotiations and skills required to gets things done. I would similarly be happy to provide further specific references related to his manifold skills and integrity on request”.

Alan won the coveted Energy Savings Trust Fleet Hero Silver Award in November 2015 for his work on this.

Tracey Aldworth, Strategic Director at Aylesbury Vale DC said:

“Alan helped the authority to realise significant savings and improve our carbon footprint too through the various programmes of environmental change he helped to introduce. The Enterprise Car scheme is still going strong and more authorities should be exploring this as an excellent way of finding efficiencies. Alan will be able to help explain how this worked at AVDC”.

As director of CLS Energy, he also went on to write all of the tools and content for the Grey Fleet (mileage reimbursement) and  toolkit on behalf of the Energy Savings Trust (EST) which was launched at the Royal Armoury in London on 29th January 2018.

Alan has wrote the Fleet Management Guide for the Energy Managers Association (EMA) to enable and assist fleet managers and ESOS Lead Assessors with transport auditing.

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