Free ESOS Phase 2 review

CLS Energy are offering a free review and data assessment service for companies that operate fleets and conducted ESOS Phase 2 in 2019/20.

Several customers have now come to us, disappointed by their report findings or unsure if they received good value for money.

It is unfortunate that UK ESOS Lead Assessors need only be qualified or experienced in energy, not transport. This 20 second video from the CEO of the Energy Institute sets out our fleet assessors qualifications: Full video at base of home page.

In many cases we have seen reports with no recommendations! In others, the recommendations to large commercial fleets have been at best, wholly inappropriate. Example below:

“Transport Energy
The energy consumed for transport represents just over 94% of total annual energy consumption for the reference period.
Measures that may be considered to keep transport energy consumption as low as possible include:-
Consider the development of a transport policy for members of staff operating private or company owned vehicles on company business.

The policy could include common sense but often overlooked measures such as careful route planning, checking tyre pressures,
avoidance of carrying unnecessary loads on journeys etc.
Consider implementing an incentive scheme which rewards staff that walk, cycle or use public transport to travel to and from their
home to the destination.
Consider issuing a “Good Driving Practice Policy” to members of staff that incorporates some or all of the above recommendations.
Ensure that privately owned vehicles that are used for company business receive regular maintenance and service checks at intervals laid down by the manufacturer”.

The above effectively represents the transport section of one such ESOS report in it entirety. This, despite the recognition that fleet represented 94% of total energy and fuel, for a company operating a fleet of >500 commercial vans to 7.5 tonne vehicles:

CLS have never found less than 5% of savings for any fleet or less than 8% for a road fleet. ESOS Ph 2 fleet savings for all our customers in 2019 averaged savings of £726,351.

This with an average number of 8.8 separate recommendations for energy and 9.3 recommendations for fleet.

As fleet specialists, we are offering this free service because we recognise the benefits to companies and to the environment of an efficiently operated fleet utilising the right technologies, controls and behaviours.

The lack of detail and viable advice in so many reports we’ve been shown, deprives businesses of the opportunity to save money and reduce their emissions.

If you’re interested in taking 8% or more off your fleet costs:

Contact Alan Asbury on 01865 421008 or e-mail him at mentioning “ESOS Review”

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