BEIS encourages Public Sector CO2 Reduction Pledge

Government (BEIS) have introduced a voluntary CO2 target and reporting framework  to standardise public and higher education sectors reporting.

This is to engage sector leaders and encourage action on Climate Change and decarbonisation. It aims to support the wider public and higher education sectors in providing accurate and consistent emissions data and assisting organisations not currently reporting emissions to do so. It effectively brings back National Indicator (NI) 185 for those of us old enough to remember that.

Some sectors and local areas have already set ambitious 2020 targets which aim to deliver more than a 30% reduction in emissions, with some Councils setting 2030 zero carbon targets.

Government want to establish a common approach as the first reporting period up to 2020 is imminent.

As set out in the Clean Growth Strategy, BEIS will review progress against this voluntary target by 2020, with a view to moving to a more ambitious target, or potentially a mandatory target, such as a 50% reduction by 2030.

Government welcome further ambition and encourage any organisation to exceed the 30% reduction target, if possible.

CLS Energy are working with a number of Local Authorities, NHS Trusts and Universities to organise this reporting as well as delivering actual energy and fuel savings and carbon reductions to get ahead of the curve before it becomes a mandate. Contact us to learn more

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