Climate Emergency

At the end of November 2019, the EU signed up to a Climate Emergency.

More than half of all UK Local Authorities have already done this.

The next stage is action but this is broadly uncharted territory…

It is important to understand what is in and out of scope. Wheher the boundaries top ate the built estate and if not, how far they travel beyond. Where is the organisation now and where does it aim to get to and by when?

What are the drivers (beyond climate itself) and who are the stakeholders?

Has the organisation consulted and what are the first steps.

We have been working on sustainability issues (energy, transport, waste, climate resilience/adaptation and mitigation) within Local Authorities since the late 1990s. CLS Energy are currently providing Climate emergency advice to four distinct councils and would would be pleased to discuss opportunities with others. Contact us or ring to speak to one of our specialist on 01865 421008.



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