Assisting Councils towards Energy and Carbon Reduction

CLS Energy work with local authorities, manufacturers and hauliers on active energy and fleet assessments to reduce their carbon footprints and costs.

Within the last 12 months, Alan Asbury of CLS Energy has worked on carbon baselines, energy, fleet and renewable energy saving measures, controls, behaviour and technologies; Working with councils to assist them towards net zero carbon and seven-figure annual cashable savings.

Councils that we’ve assisted in 2020/21 include:

  • Oxford City Council – City Council’s Commuter Calculations to build back better. 561 tonnes of actionable carbon savings located alongside 2.47 million reduced miles.
  • North Herts District Council – Assessment of estate energy, leisure operators and fleet. £103,2323 in annual savings from eight buildings with a payback of 1.53 years. TM44 Assessments. Now tasked to assess fleet and complete Council’s Carbon CO2e baseline.
  • Stevenage Borough Council – Development of carbon baseline. Discussing next steps.
  • Gloucester City Council (GCC) – Site and fleet assessments and calculated Carbon (CO2e) trajectories to 2030 (Council) and 2050 (City). £273,132 in building energy savings found within 1.75 year payback. Successful Salix PSDS bid for over £540,000 and providing technical consultancy on installation and low carbon heavy fleet replacement.
  • Wokingham Borough Council – Site energy audits and assessments, specification productions, DEC assessments.
  • South Northants Council – Estate energy and fleet assessments. £157,989 in energy and fleet savings within a 2.88 year payback.
  • Rother District Council – Climate Emergency and Carbon (CO2e) reduction public consultation. In discussions on EPC Assessments.
  • Copeland Borough Council – Land assessment for large scale renewables, site and fleet assessment for savings opportunities. £3,073,644 in annual renewable and energy revenues. Successful Salix PSDS bid for over £2m.
  • Cheltenham Borough Council – Working together with GCC to assess energy, air fleet and large scale renewable/battery and hydrogen storage opportunities for Gloucester Airport.
  • Winchester City Council – Won competitive tender process in May 2021 to assist the Council towards its 2024 Council and 2030 City-wide Carbon reduction targets.

Rather than considering carbon offsetting and tree planting, CLS Energy deliver practical technologies, measures, controls, behaviours and actions based on measured and verified (CMVP) energy and fuel savings to internationally recognised standards.

Alan Asbury, Technical Director at CLS Energy managed Sustainability roles in three Local Authorities between 2000 and 2017 and understands how Local Government operates. He also lectures on climate change and environmental management at two London Universities.

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