As registered Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and ESOS Lead Assessors that cover the Nordic region as well as the UK and Ireland, we were contacted by Vanderbilt International and ACRE to assesses their requirements for delivering compliant energy and fleet audits across Europe. Having established that countries requiring audits were Sweden, Denmark and the UK, we sought and won extensions from the Nordic authorities and commenced the process of data gathering, analysing and conducting site audits alongside fleet profiling. Delivering them to compliance well within the agreed timeframes.

Below is what Vanderbilt have said of us:

“Having been recently tasked with ensuring we are compliant with ESOS and EED across our European operations, it felt like a bewildering topic full of new terms and acronyms.  Contracting with CLS made the entire process of understanding what was required and what was possible really easy.  Alan walked us through the landscape in simple to understand terms, and helped us build our knowledge on what we could actually accomplish. And, thankfully, assisted us with recognising which member states were in scope. He then delivered audits to those that were across our Nordic and UK operations, helping us be compliant in an extremely short time frame.  As an American based company, I really don’t think we would have achieved this without CLS”.

M.R. CMO 16th April 2024