Only by truly understanding your operation can an energy manager provide accurate and actionable savings. We will establish your significant energy users (SEUs), assess and log your operation and calculate savings made available through the introduction of measures, technical installs, building fabric improvements, controls and behaviours. Once we’ve addressed your operation, we will also assess opportunities for renewable and low carbon energy and fleet alongside energy storage and on-site capacity.

By assessing your data and bench-marking against both yourselves and good practice, we are able to establish indicative savings potential. We can then assess and profile your site, equipment, operation and controls, and make calculations to establish actual energy, fuel, carbon and cost savings available. We will then make bespoke and specific recommendations to your organisation setting out internationally (IPMVP) recognised, guaranteed minimum savings.


Alan’s feedback from site inspections has been invaluable to CRUK

27th June 2024
Our work with Cancer Research UK (CRUK) on ESOS Phase 3, independent assessments of SECR and ISO 14001 has been a fascinating journey. We are most grateful to them for the kind testimonials that they have provided below: “Cancer ... Read More

“CLS made the entire process of understanding what was required and what was possible really easy”. 

16th April 2024
As registered Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and ESOS Lead Assessors that cover the Nordic region as well as the UK and Ireland, we were contacted by Vanderbilt International and ACRE to assesses their requirements for delivering compliant energy and ... Read More

Dardan – “…no hesitation in using Alan to conduct our ESOS phase 3 assessment and report”

9th February 2024
Following our work with the large vehicular car and van fleet and estate of Loftbridge and Dardan GSL, this is what they have kindly said of us today… “Upon their successful completion of our ESOS phase 2 we had ... Read More

Fintel “…expertise in energy management and efficiency strategies was evident from the start”

31st January 2024
Having delivered Fintel through their ESOS Phase 3 process for the first time in 2o22/2023, The testimonial below is what they have been generous to say of us: “I am delighted to recommend both Beyondly and CLS Energy, who ... Read More

Ultraframe “…finding their energy audits and support with the process insightful and informative”

31st January 2024
Ultraframe are a large manufacturer that construct cutting-edge roofing systems. Over the last 30 years, they have produced over 2,000,000 roof installs in the UK. In partnership with Comply Direct, and later Beyondly, over the last 10 years, CLS Energy ... Read More

John O’Conner – “…we wholeheartedly recommend their services to any organisation seeking top-notch energy consultancy.”

22nd January 2024
Following a recommendation from North Herts District Council, CLS Energy were asked to deliver John O’Conner (Grounds Maintenance) Ltd to ESOS Phase 3 compliance during 2022. The words below, are what John O’Conner have been kind enough to say ... Read More

DCI “providing meaningful and value-add recommendations that will have a positive impact on our business”

8th December 2023
Diesel Card Ireland (DCI) are an indigenous Irish company that has been serving the business community of Ireland for over 26 years’, continuing to grow and improve for their customers. DCI provide a cost-effective fuel management solution, enabling their ... Read More

ESOS Phase 3 reference from Juddmonte Farms – about CLS Energy: “…Responsive, attentive and very knowledgeable in their field…”

7th September 2023
Having worked to deliver the farm, stables and stud farm to ESOS Phase 3 compliance during the summer, we were very pleased to receive this testimonial from Juddmonte Farms: “We recently employed Alan at CLS Energy (Consultancy) Ltd to ... Read More

BSW Timber… “A pleasure to work with, and an example of how excellent service can be delivered with unity of purpose”.

6th July 2023
Founded in 1848, in Earlston, Scotland, BSW Timber is now the largest saw-milling company in the UK. With 11 manufacturing sites across the UK and Latvia, BSW Timber are producers of certified timber products for various industries and applications, including ... Read More