Only by truly understanding your operation can an energy manager provide accurate and actionable savings. We will establish your significant energy users (SEUs), assess and log your operation and calculate savings made available through the introduction of measures, technical installs, building fabric improvements, controls and behaviours. Once we’ve addressed your operation, we will also assess opportunities for renewable and low carbon energy and fleet alongside energy storage and on-site capacity.

By assessing your data and bench-marking against both yourselves and good practice, we are able to establish indicative savings potential. We can then assess and profile your site, equipment, operation and controls, and make calculations to establish actual energy, fuel, carbon and cost savings available. We will then make bespoke and specific recommendations to your organisation setting out internationally (IPMVP) recognised, guaranteed minimum savings.


F C Groundworks “Their comprehensive report gave us a clear insight into our energy usage…”

22nd November 2021
CLS Energy were engaged, following a referral, to conduct the Energy Efficiency Directive (ESOS) Phase 2 compliance for F C Groundworks, Cornwall. About FC Groundworks: Established in 1983, Fred Champion Groundworks has developed into one of the largest groundworks contractors ... Read More

Edward Vinson “Extremely helpful from the start, responding to our queries promptly and with insight…”

17th November 2021
Following a referral, CLS Energy were asked by Planet First to conduct ESOS compliance for Edward Vinson Farms in Kent. Below is what they have said of their experience: “We approached Planet First Energy to help us achieve ESOS ... Read More

Paydens Pharmacies “… considerable experience in this field helped us better understand our own energy usage…”

1st November 2021
Following our assessment of their 140+ commercial fleet along with a sample of 120+ pharmacies and their head offices operations for ESOS Phase 2, this is what Paydens were kind enough to say of our principle ESOS Lead Assessor, ... Read More

John Pye “Alan provided us with a comprehensive report…”

20th October 2021
“John Pye Auctions is the largest On-line auction company in the UK with 7 sites spread across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.  We recently embarked on ESOS compliance and selected Comply Direct and CLS Energy as our preferred partners ... Read More

Viking Cruises “…I would highly recommend them…”

3rd September 2021
Having recently delivered Viking Cruises to delayed ESOS compliance, this is what their director kindly said about our services: “CLS Energy carried out our ESOS assessment efficiently and without disruption. They recommended some simple energy savings which we could ... Read More

Thomas Armstrong “…a pleasure to work with and I would recommend his services…”

8th April 2021
CLS Energy worked with Thomas Armstrong on their heavy manufacturing processes and HGV fleet haulage operations to deliver them significant financial savings and compliance to ESOS Phase 2 in 2019. This is what their director has been kind enough ... Read More

A testimonial from JMK Group… “…the best ESOS Lead Assessors out there”

1st February 2021
“I couldn’t have made a better choice than CLS Energy for our first ESOS notification. Being new to the process we had many questions and everything was explained clearly and with sufficient detail. No question was too silly or ... Read More

A live testimonial from Copeland Borough Council in Cumbria

30th January 2021
Appointed through the LGA’s Expert Programme, CLS Energy are working with Copeland Borough Council on their Energy, Fleet and Carbon (CO2e) emissions as well as opportunities for large scale renewable energy generation. So far, from their major sites, we ... Read More

Agricultural Fleet and Energy Assessment “…The results were outstanding;”

19th January 2021
Having recently completed a delayed ESOS Phase 2 assessment for Clock House Farm, we were thrilled to receive this from them earlier today: “Clock House Farm recently undertook the ESOS Phase 2 process; Step 1 was the identification of ... Read More