Hastings Borough Council

“Alan really is a subject matter expert and, as he has a good understanding of the challenges faced by local government, is able to relate his recommendations to the challenges our sector faces. It is no exaggeration to write that he has made significant contributions to the development of public energy strategy for hundreds of thousands of people as a result”

​”I find CLS Energy Ltd to be a highly professional, approachable and pragmatic organisation. I highly commend them to you and there can be no better reference than the fact that Hastings Borough Council has just appointed them retained consultants for the delivery of our Energy Options Programme”.

M.L. Hastings Borough Council

Hastings Borough Council are a forward thinking public municipality in East Sussex that have recognised energy generation, technology and and fuel efficiency as a key route to resolving their imminent Central Government funding gap. CLS Energy were awarded their first contract to work with Hastings Borough Council in early 2017 and have continued to work with them henceforth.