Alan Asbury

Climate Emergency

At the end of November 2019, the EU signed up to a Climate Emergency. More than two thirds of all UK Local Authorities have already done this. Most of these have committed to a carbon neutral target by ... Read More

Travel Hierarchy

According to the BVRLA in 2016, mileage reimbursement (aka Grey Fleet) mileage driven in the private sector was 11bn at a cost of £5bn, in the public sector, these figures were 1.5bn at an annual cost of £786mn. In ... Read More

BEIS encourages Public Sector CO2 Reduction Pledge

Government (BEIS) have introduced a voluntary CO2 target and reporting framework  to standardise public and higher education sectors reporting. This is to engage sector leaders and encourage action on Climate Change and decarbonisation. It aims to support the wider ... Read More