Alan Asbury

Is LED lighting the best solution for saving money?

Lighting can typically constitute between 3% and 15% of total electricity use in a commercial building. The proportion will vary widely based on such aspects as: Building type (office, university, factory, shipyard, warehouse) Hours of operation (day/night, shifts) Wattage ... Read More

How do I reduce my energy use?

Tackling energy use is one of the most financially beneficial things that an organisation can do. For companies and operations that have not addressed this before, savings can be as high at 50-60% against total energy and fuel spend. ... Read More

How do I reduce transport costs?

Transport costs can be affected by such aspects as: The cost of fuel per litre Miles driven Efficiency of the vehicle Driver efficiency Road and weather conditions Loads Routes Aerodynamics Clearly all fleets are different and may comprise: Cars ... Read More

Health Business Article

See our recent supplier profile in the latest edition of the Health Business Journal:   CLS Energy (Consultancy) Ltd Supplier Profile:¬†Energy CLS Energy (Consultancy) Ltd are a team of Chartered and Certified energy management and fleet professionals. We ... Read More

Achieving Financial Savings in Rother District

CLS Energy (Consultancy) Ltd were appointed by Rother District Council in 2018 following recommendations and a tender process. Here is what they have said about their experience of working with us: “Rother District Council worked with CLS Energy on ... Read More

How to handle a climate emergency

Many Councils around the UK have committed themselves to the concept of a Climate Emergency. A number have signed themselves up to zero and near zero carbon reduction targets in line with Government (net zero Carbon by 2050). In ... Read More