A review of ESOS across the EU

The findings of this whose consultation ended in February 2021 will offer the basis for what needs to be streamlined, strengthened, added or changed in the EED in order: (a) to address the remaining ambition gap to the 2030 ... Read More

Alan Asbury becomes EnCO Registered

On 14th March 2021, following training, Alan Asbury was awarded ESTA/EI approved Registered EnCO Consultant as provided by the Energy Institute (EI) and the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA). ... Read More

Energy Audits during Covid-19

Following the removal of lock-down in July 2020, CLS Energy have been in plant rooms across the UK demonstrating savings opportunities from clamping meters and equipment, addressing BMS system settings and establishing energy wastage. We take every precaution to ... Read More

Saving money with a Climate Change Agreement (CCA)

Climate Change Agreement (CCA) When a company pays its energy (gas and electricity) bills, it pays a tax to the government called the Climate Change Levy (CCL). Until 2019 under the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC), large, non-energy-intensive organisations ... Read More

Why go electric?

Going electric is not only about removing NOx and particulate emissions from the air and making our cities more breathable, it is also making significant financial savings. For CLS Energy as a company, financial savings from making our fleet ... Read More