Oxford City Council

Following work conducted that will help the Council post Covid-19 Lock-down, Oxford City Council were kind enough to say this about us: “CLS proved themselves to be very responsive to our needs around carbon footprint estimates for staff commuting, ... Read More

What’s the effect of driving faster?

Speed is expensive. The power required to overcome aerodynamic drag increases with the cube of the velocity. As such, eight times as much power is required to overcome the aerodynamic drag produced from travelling twice as fast.  At speeds ... Read More

Headlam Group Testimonial

Below is what the Director at the Headlam Group was kind enough to say following our ESOS Phase 2 Assessment of their operations, building and HGV fleet: “CLS supported us with completion of our ESOS Phase 2 report and ... Read More

Why go electric?

Going electric is not only about removing NOx and particulate emissions from the air and making our cities more breathable, it is also making significant financial savings. For CLS Energy as a company, financial savings from making our fleet ... Read More