CLS Energy now operate an Ultra Low Carbon Fleet

CLS Energy (Consultancy) Ltd have now invested in a pure electric fleet with MG.

Following an assessment of total energy consumption, it has been recognised that transport, despite significant use of trains wherever possible, has been the single largest greenhouse gas emitter for the company.

Our move to pure EV means no more petrol and diesel purchases and no emissions from the exhaust (we have no exhausts). That said, we recognise that this is only a first step towards our stated target of Carbon (GHG) zero by 2025. Electricity generation is far from all renewable after all and our electricity use is now increasing due to our fleet.

We also recognise that the manufacture of cars remain a highly energy and resource intensive process and battery technology does not come without a variety of sustainability costs.

There is much more to do and we will be aiming to continually improve our impact on the environment alongside our customers that are already embarking on this journey with us.

We look forward to reporting more on this in due course…


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