Why go electric?

Going electric is not only about removing NOx and particulate emissions from the air and making our cities more breathable, it is also making significant financial savings.

For CLS Energy as a company, financial savings from making our fleet pure electric when compared against fuel are a massive 71.6% (that’s 3.7p per mile electric against 13.1p per mile for our previous efficient diesel fleet). Figures are calculated on our current daytime electricity rate vs a current forecourt rate per litre for diesel.

Even factoring for the emissions produced at power stations from UK grid electricity generation, our EV fleet greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions are some 68.5% compared with diesel.

All of this is over and above the benefit-in-kind rates that drop for EVs from 16% to zero in April 2020 (See image), not to mention the grants that remain available for electric cars and charge points.

Naturally, our move to electric does not mean will be sitting on our hands. We have already pledged to be carbon zero by 2025. While power stations continue to be fuelled with fossil fuels (gas and coal), the climate change benefits will be lessened; the natural resources required for batteries as well as the manufacturing process for all cars continues to use finite earth resources. We shall continue to encourage use of the travel hierarchy and work with partners to look at alternatives as we continue our journey to zero carbon.

We sincerely hope you’ll allow us to assist you along the way.

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