Why go electric?

Going electric is not only about removing NOx and particulate emissions from the air and making our cities more breathable, it is also making significant financial savings. For CLS Energy as a company, financial savings from making our fleet ... Read More

Climate Emergency

At the end of November 2019, the EU signed up to a Climate Emergency. More than two thirds of all UK Local Authorities have already done this. https://www.climateemergency.uk/blog/list-of-councils/ Most of these have committed to a carbon neutral target by ... Read More

What to look for in your ESOS Lead Assessor

Selecting an ESOS Assessor can be a challenge, with over 900 Lead Assessors now available in the UK alone. ESOS participants must have their energy and fleet assessments conducted by, or signed-off by, a registered ESOS Lead Assessor. A ... Read More